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Complete Animal Eyecare Center provides full service veterinary and animal eye surgery services for dogs, as well as small animals, large animals, avian and exotic pets in the Greater Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita areas.

These services include: animal cataract surgery, animal eyelid surgery, animal glaucoma treatment, veterinary retinal reattachment surgery, animal ocular laser surgery, veterinary corneal ulcer therapy, and other animal ophthalmology services.

Patients are seen by appointment only. Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Appointments: To set up an appointment for your dog, call


Patients are seen by appointment only, Please bring any necessary records and lab reports the day of your appointment. For faster service fill out and bring a completed registration form to your first appointment.

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Excellent place! Our dog Chase had cataract surgery today. I was glad that everything came out so beautifully. Dr. Silverman explained everything very well before the actual surgery.  Our whole family really liked this doctor. He cares about the animals he works with.  We even got a month of free rechecks with the surgery. Sherman Oaks is a close location for us. We dropped Chase off this morning and picked him up this afternoon. In the morning Chase wasn’t able to see at all.  Now he is actually seeing. We would highly recommend Complete Animal Eyecare Center.

Stephanie C.

Los Angeles

We had cataract surgery done last week; our dog was seeing immediately after surgery.  There was also quite a discount here compared to other veterinarian ophthalmologists we called. Dr. Silverman is an excellent veterinary ophthalmologist — our veterinarian let us know after a full residency, he has been practicing in Sherman Oaks for over ten years. In fact, our veterinarian and all the other veterinarians at the hospital we go to refer only to Dr. Silverman; he is considered the best. He is kind, thorough and spent a great deal of time with us explaining the surgery, the care needed and the costs involved, including the amount taken off the price. We were very impressed.  The fact that Complete Animal Eyecare is so close was also a plus — we didn’t want to drive far away.  Our surgery was done in one day; and we also received a month of free rechecks. This is the kind of real service we used to see before corporate America took over a lot of the veterinary world. There is nothing cold or antiseptic here. Just good care.


Los Angeles

Our dog had cataracts in both eyes and was quickly losing sight to the point where she was walking into walls.  The costs involved for this surgery seemed outlandish at places we went to further away. Then our vet told us about Dr. Silverman and Complete Animal Eyecare in Sherman Oaks.  We came here to find a great staff and a very nice, talented doctor. AND we were surprised to find the amount charged was a great deal lower than where we had taken our dog for an estimate before. About half the price.  We decided to have the surgery done at Complete Animal Eyecare —  it went beautifully.  By the time we got home, our dog’s sight had been completely restored. We would give thanks and score a  high recommendation for Dr. Silverman and Complete Animal Eyecare.

Tom J.

Santa Monica

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Phone (818) 824-8669

14120 Ventura Blvd.
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